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European manifesto
for education and culture


The undersigned teachers, intellectuals and citizens, worried about the situation of teaching and culture in the European Union


1. That the education system must have as its main purpose to provide the population with the highest possible level of culture, and not just to give basic schooling to a particular age group; that in order to make learning possible the education system must instil the values of individual effort and respect for the teacher; that the education system must be directed towards an assessment of each student’s actual knowledge.

2. That it is in this respect essential to give children a sufficiently sound education from the beginning of schooling; furthermore, that raising the cultural level of the population requires the reinforcement both of humanistic and of scientific learning in secondary education.

3. That the imposition by some states of education policies based on the wrongly called "modern pedagogy" has had no other effect than to hamper and undermine the transmission of knowledge; that the imposition of such notions as "constructivism," under the appearance of innovation, hides contempt for the basic elements of learning and for the students who are deprived of them.

4. That primary education (education in the fundamentals of knowledge) should be clearly distinguished from secondary education (acquisition of scientific and humanistic knowledge); that secondary education must be officially recognised in all the countries of the EU, must have adequate length and must be an entity of its own, instead of merely giving access to university or vocational education.

5. That the validation of knowledge across member states ought to be based on the individual assessment of learning by teachers and by the states themselves, by means of general exams at the end of the secondary educational stages.

Consequently, the undersigned


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